We care about your privacy and strive to at all times protect your personal data. We will process the personal data that you provide or have provided us with or that we have collected at our Website.

  Queens Online Store will not disclose data to third parties.

  Queens Online Store does not send information from third parties to our customers.

  You can at any time ask to be removed from mailing lists, or be completely removed from Queens Online Store databases. Simply send an email to customerservice@queensonlinestore.com. Personal data will be stored until we receive a message that the personal data needs to be removed.

Queens Online Store collects and stores your personal information when you buy from us or when you sign up for our newsletter. We register your name, address and email ONLY. We store this information in order to expedite your order in the best possible way. We will not use information about your purchases to send you special offers, unless you've signed up for this service. We will not sell or otherwise disclose information about your purchases to third parties. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to send us an email.


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