We are Helsinki based brand, which makes modest every day clothes. Our designs are steeped in Scandinavian design traditions. We embrace simplicity, timelessness, functionality, quality and of course dedication and attention to details without compromising Islamic tradition. We strive to make clothes that empower you in your daily life, to help you look modest yet sharp and elegant. 

Our Brand: All our clothes are designed by Queens designers, fitted for contemporary active life within the city. Uncomplicated clothing with an honest approach to materials, quality and use, combined with a playful attitude towards prints, colors and shapes.

The reason for Queens: As we all know its hard to find modest clothes, inspired by the culture we live in, and are a part of. Time and time again you’ll fine clothes that are either to transparent, to short or to tight. And that is why Queens was created, to make all those clothes you couldn't buy because it wasn't modest enough.

Consider Queens at your service.



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