Queens Shipping & Delivery.

Hey there, 

You might be wondering, what is taking so long where is my package, i want it now 😭.

First of all you'r package is definitely on its way ✈️, we do so much to save you money and give you best possible service. We want you to get more value for your money, great service and best attitude. 

That is why we gave our Scandinavian customers FREE DELIVERY. 

We ship from our supplier in Asia, it will therefore take 2-4 days to processes your order. That means your order to be packaged and delivered to the airline. 

After that it will only take 7-14 days to arrive at your home. 


So please be patient, use the tracking page on our website. And most of all you can always message us and we will answer. 


Happy shopping Queens. 

Yours truly. 


July 10, 2019 — Sabah Abdulkadir


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